Target Practice

NHMQG – April 2014 BOM

Target Practice




1-14”x14” background fabric

8-6” right triangles (replaces 10”)

8-3” right triangles (replaces 7”)

2-14”x14” freezer paper sheets

1-acid free glue stick

NOTE  changes from MQG’s original version to the NHMQG BOM block: 

We will be resizing Target Practice Quilt Block to 12”x12”.

The supplies in the alternate sizes are listed above.

The web address for the tutorial is:

Please note the following changes to the tutorial:

1) 10” convert to 6”, 7” convert to 3”.

2) Skip steps 8 through 11 & use your favorite circle tool or household items that measure 9 ½”-10” and 4”+-

(I found a plate and candy dish worked for me)

3) CHANGE – Step 18 – use light coat of glue stick (see next step below)

4) CHANGE – Step 20 – LEAVE THE FREEZER PAPER IN! while you sew, AND sew with NEEDLE DOWN just inside the freezer paper as this makes it much easier to work with. THEN remove the freezer paper. (You don’t need heavy glue doing it this way.)


Another version of Target Practice

courtesy of Marie


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